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Horse Training

Horse training is an important part of owning a horse. You must know the proper techniques to teach your horse. After all, he or she is not born knowing what you want, these things must be learned. Just as you would train your dog to understand what you expect, so too must you train your horse. Of course, a horse is a lot bigger than your dog, and horses can be a bit stubborn at times. When you want to ensure that your horse is trained well, and you live in Leander, TX, Cedar Park, Manor, or other local areas, contact Manor Equestrian Center.


Our beautiful 30-acre facility is the perfect place for horse training. Our trainers are excellent at what they do. They have decades of knowledge and experience that they use to teach your horse everything that it should know. Our trainers are also dedicated to giving lessons to people who want to ride, as well; whether beginner, intermediate or advanced lessons. You won't find a better group anywhere in the area. Learn more about us on our website,

Our facility is also an excellent place for horse boarding your horse. Every detail of our horse boarding facility was implemented with your horse’s care and comfort in mind. We love horses and we go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our clients. We want your horse to be happy with us. We want him or her to have the best life possible while they are with us. This means regular farrier visits, an on-call vet, someone on site always, high-quality food, plenty of time spent outdoors where they can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, and much more.

We would love for you to see our facility for yourself. We would also be happy to show you around.

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