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Horseback Riding Lessons

Have you been dreaming of taking horseback riding lessons? This is a common dream for many people in Cedar Park, TX, Leander, Manor, and elsewhere. If you have the desire to learn to ride a horse, what is holding you back? Are you frightened? Do you feel that you'll be unable to learn? Are you worried about the expense? We, here at Manor Equestrian Center, would love to have you come to us for horseback riding lessons. We would love to make your dream a reality.


We have the best trainers waiting to teach you everything that you need to know. It doesn't matter if this is the very first time that you'll get on a horse, our trainers know what they are doing and have the skill, and patience you're looking for. Our trainers can also bring your riding skills to the next level, if you have ridden a horse before, and want to improve. We provide lessons for beginners, intermediate riders, and experienced ones.

We have had many students go on to compete in events, around the state, and around the country. While we are so proud to see our students excel in their sport, what we love even more is seeing the job that comes as you connect with your horse. Riding is a great way to clear your head and has even been successful in helping to reduce anxiety. Riding is a wonderful sport for children and adults. Our facility is the perfect place for all your riding and horse boarding needs.

If you own a horse and are looking for an excellent fort stable to board the horse, we have a wonderful space. Our fort stable is roomy so that your horse is comfortable. The horse will be let out, daily. During the chilly weather, he or she will be blanketed for added warmth. We feed high-quality food and are always willing to give your horse any supplements that you supply. Someone is on staff around the clock, and we do have a vet on call should the need for one arise. Your beloved horse will be safe and happy with us. If you're ready to get started, contact us today. You can also look over our informative website,

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